The Regret of Vitrerran: New Gameplay Footage

Hey everybody,

Progress on Vitrerran is coming along quite well, and we finally have some major level parts designed and ready to go. I recently played through the battles of our swamp dungeon and was really happy with how they turned out, specifically this battle towards the end. I thought it was really fun and want to show you it.

A few things to note: We are running this in editor, which is why it’s in windowed mode and there aren’t any sounds. It’s also why we chose to talk over it instead of just showing it. Some of the art in here is still placeholder. We’re getting gameplay and game design work done first before we go back to art. And finally, the amount of cards you get will only go up (and drastically) as the game continues. These are all the tools you’ll have by the end of the first dungeon. So multiply that by eight.

If you want to try our game, we do have a demo (as mentioned in the video). You can download that from these two links:

More information about our game can be found on our website:

You can find us on social media @DualWieldSoft and at Dual Wield Software on Facebook.


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