The Regret of Vitrerran: Video Game Demo

The wait is over, and now our demo available to play!

You can find it here on Mediafire and here on Google Drive

I feel like big projects should be measured in milestones, because let’s face it, if you’re working on something that you know will take years to finish, you can’t spend that entire time stressing about release day. You’d go crazy!

Well, The Regret of Vitrerran hit two very big milestones in the month of April. We got Greelit on Steam, and today marks the release of our demo.

I’ll be honest, I expected these to be further apart than they are, but I’m also happy to have them back to back. It really makes this whole thing feel official, like more than a hobby or “garage project.”

It’s also a nice package of overwhelming, elating, tense, nerve wracking, and exciting.

We hope you enjoy the demo, and the insecure artist in me needs to stress that it’s a small slice of a very big, work-in-progress project.

That being said, please, please, PLEASE tell us what you think of it. We don’t just want feedback, we need it. The Regret of Vitrerran can only get better if you guys find its faults, be they in sound, gameplay, writing, design, etc. That’s all simply part of the process, so don’t hold back.

But, you know, also find time to enjoy it. That’s the end goal, and one we will hit before it’s released. That’s a promise.


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