Writing Improvisation: Over the Event Horizons

This here’s a special writing improvisation, and not because it’s any better or worse than the others. No, that crazy guitar man whose been the catalyst for almost all of these pieces of random poetry put out his first EP, and the final song of it is an instrumental titled “Over the Event Horizons.” I picked that song for two reasons; One: it’s amazing; Two: I want to spread the word of his EP, which is likewise very good. Thomas Rakowitz is a cool dude, and I’m glad I know him. You know him too, in a way, if you’ve listened to the music that accompanies these bouts of writing.

Know him more. Head to his Bandcamp page and grab his EP if you like rock music with a bit of metal for flavor. It’s only two dollars, and you’ll get 35 minutes worth of headbanging tunes.

Or just stream the song here.


Over the Event Horizons

I spent my life in soaring down, in falling falling falling drown. I spent my life in empty sky, where the blackest void screams through my eyes. I followed followed towards a place of nothing, going so far away from that which…it no longer maters. I went and went and then went some more, and the dark left me behind for something better, something sweeter, something darker, yet all the freer.

I flew through the hole cut into the sky, the blackest hole of Sauron’s eye. I flew through the hole and in going down, I went up and up and away from the pounding hatred, loveless blank stares, and horrid cuts that wear me down and down–but no more.

No more no more, I soar and soar no longer soar but moving fast, moving fresh, with laughter best and hopeful beating hearts inside my chest.

I flew through the hole and came out the other side, and now the light it shines all the brighter. Space is no longer empty, no longer silent, no longer void or putrid violent. Space is making, space is peaceful, space is peaceful peaceful peaceful.

There’s promise here. There was promise there, but there’s more promise here. Look upon this blank canvas and smile with me, for we can make something worth seeing, worth bleeding, worth breathing.

Come with me, oh come with me, and we can go to places far that haven’t been made yet. That’s up to us! That’s up to us; up to you, and up to me. We can do so much, fill this sea with creatures and plants and ecosystems. We can build.

We’ve gone over the event horizon.

We’ve gone over the event horizon.

We’ve gone over the event horizon.

There’s more than I could ever have imagined, and all I had to do was go over the event horizon.


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