Draft 3 of my Novel is Done

Sometime much earlier in the year, I finished draft two of the novel I’m working on. I decided to write up a big post about my writing process, and the whole thing was a narcissistic spectacle. I don’t regret that, but I’m also not going to repeat the process.

For those that care, for those that don’t care, and for those who are members of the horrendously evil neutral society: Draft three of my novel is done.

Honestly, the book itself is practically done. I’m now at a 135,588 words (give or take a bit), 4070 words less than when draft two was finished. I’m 10 “fuckbombs” less than before, leaving me at 45. I’ve also removed some instances of the word “cunt” because apparently people really don’t like that word.

I like to swear. A lot. My characters picked up that bad habit from me, and I had to prune it a bit.

It’s funny, I never thought I’d have to remove anachronistic fuckbombs. “Huh, I guess no one in this world WOULD swear like that, even if I do.”

I need to go through the thing one more time for grammar and a smidgen of word choice usage yet. There are also maybe two paragraphs in the first chapter that need a slight amount of fixing up. Little things. Things I should have done this time through but didn’t feel like it.

Took me about 27 hours to edit it this time by the way. Around an hour per chapter. I believe I’ve put over a 150 hours into this project now. That feels like a lot. It’s been slow going though, an ever uphill battle. At least the slope hasn’t been too steep.

Publishing is next on my mind. I think it’s publishable. I’ve read plenty of terrible fantasy books that have gotten published, and I don’t view this one as terrible. If Terry Goodkind can get 12 horrendous novels published without much trouble, I figure I can get one off the ground.

So there you go. This got a bit longer than I intended. So much for not repeating my narcissism.


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