“Plot Twist”

so much depends

a red wheel


into my
sex house.


One thought on ““Plot Twist”

  1. This charming, albeit crass, homage to Williams’ classic ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’ treads the narrow line between parody and study as it explores the very natures of expectation on the part of the reader, the writer, and nay God Himself. Through this tainted and shaded lens we peer into a world thought to be private to the poem’s unnamed protagonist to see the sinister and at times twisted motivations and life. In a way, the twist we experience is not just the turn we read on the page, but the method through which we must now turn that looking glass upon ourselves and ask, “Am I any different? Am I a farmer, a murderer, or something that does not even contribute to society? Is there a red wheelbarrow in my life, or am I robbed of the feeling of dependence as I trudge through a modern world of convenience? Will I ever know what it means to be alive?”

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