Writing Improvisation: Hypnotic Eyes of Sin and Grace

And here’s another writing Improvisation, where I take an instrumental song and write to it. This one comes from my friend Thomas, who is all of the compliments I can think of AND a great musician. He wrote this one awhile ago, but I gave it another listen and felt compelled to give this a try, because the song is complex and switches moods halfway through.

The halfway mark of the song perfectly lines up with the halfway mark of this poem.

I wrote this while I listened to the song, not stopping until it was over. Editing was light in the attempt to preserve what was originally written as the music played.

Thomas’s youtube page can be found here.

Hypnotic Eyes of Sin and Grace can be found here.


“Hypnotic Eyes of Sin and Grace”

The snake slithers down with beautiful eyes, all covered in diamonds and wonderful smiles. I look at him with lovingly and listen to him speak; I want nothing more than to appear meek and weak and horribly sneaky. He starts his talking at once, I’m walking and letting him follow me to paths of life; he’s a beautiful thing with perfect words, and I want nothing more than to pledge my life.

I stare into his eyes of sinful grace and listen to his lies of perfect pace. He tells me to do, and listen I comply in compliance filled with wonder right.

And there’s the tree.

And there’s the tree.

And there’s the tree.

I take the fruit and it tastes so good; fuck I swear as I elevate my mood because it’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen and this snake is telling me all I need to know and hear and know and hear my open ears are open now to the fortune of a people born to grow away from tyrants rule and laughter’s cruel irony.

I eat the fruit.

Sorry I feel as I tell my husband now; he looks at me with scornful sounds that aren’t said but seen as he weeps great tears that are obscene.

Angels fly overhead screaming sounds that are nothing dread for yonder we must go away; the rules we broke, we cannot stay.

Sorry I feel as Gabriel tries to tell me that powerful words are nothing but lies, but he looks to the ground which is covered in grace, and I know in my heart that I’ll erase it all into a nothing, for there’s more to this than I see coming.

The flaming sword it falls and bars the path, and misery is where we’re told to walk. Grace is gone replaced by sin and pain.

But I smile at he who frowns and cries, for there’s more to life than talking skies; let’s see where we can go and what we can be, that snake he lied but he gave me abilities.

Now I see.

Now I see.

Now I see.

Let life be good, let wisdom win; search well you all, search well my friend.


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