Chasing Forever’s Dream

I’ve been a listener of this podcast called The Comedy Button for a bit over a year now, and I’ve been a member of that podcast’s fan page for about a year.

The podcast fan page is an interesting place, one filled with awesome people, crude humor, cynicism, and all around good vibes. It’s varied and I’m glad to be a member of it.

Every Sunday we get together and post the artwork that we’ve been working on, and there are a plethora of talented musicians. One guy had the idea for us to all make a song for a concept album, and we voted on the concept.

Elation won to my dismay.

This is what I made for that. It’s not quite elation, but I tried.

The song was made in FL Studio and poorly mixed on a computer that has no business running FL Studio apparently. It’s why the bass is super heavy. Woops.

Name is obnoxiously poetic because.

Hope you like it! I had a blast making it, and hopefully the other submissions will make their way onto the Internet soon. I’m really excited to hear them.


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