Writing Improvisations: Ascension

Here’s another writing improvisation, where I take an instrumental song and write to it. This is from an electronic artist working on an EP named Kurtis. I’ve heard a few of his songs and have been meaning to write to one of them for awhile; he posted this one today, and I took the bait. The rules: I wrote while it played. I started at the beginning and stopped at the end, not thinking ahead but just typing. Editing will be light. I want to fix grammar and typos but preserve everything else the way it came out.

The song is called “Ascension” and can be found here.

Kurtis’s Soundcloud page can be found here.



I see them ascend to the faraway land where dreams are alive and everything can. I see them float with wings made of light, on vapors of love and a windless such endless night. It’s beautiful. Everything is beautiful about them. They float and they float away from the terrible monstrosities that happen and I can only feel glad.


They are blue in their rising and it turns into silver as they soar away from troubles and monsters and the pilfering of fallen man. Blue. They are blue in their singing which is silent and lovely to my ears. Blue. They ascend to blue.


I watch them rise away.

And then the dragon comes.


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