Writing Improvisation: Nowhere

So, this was an experiment. My friend Thomas Rakowitz is an amazing musician with the tendency to create long pieces of music. Normally I frown at songs that reach further than six or more minutes, but Thomas has a knack for progression that puts me in the story mindset. While listening to his latest work today, I had the idea of trying to write a kind of narrative to them, and this is what came of that. I started at the beginning and stopped at the end, not thinking ahead but just typing. Editing will be light. I want to fix grammar and typos but preserve everything else the way it came out. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I enjoyed it. For those that read what I write, expect to see more of this from time to time.

The song is called “Nowhere” and can be found here.

Thomas’s Youtube page can be found here.



Nowhere. I am nowhere and that’s okay because nowhere is the best place to be. Things float and turn and build off me, but still I’m nowhere and that’s where I wish to be.

My life wishes to be somewhere, but my mind craves the place I’m in; art wishes for me to do something, but nowhere is all I’ll ever give. There’s a time and place for everything and everywhere, but I’m outside and living in nowhere.

I love it all I truly do, and I tell myself this because I love you.

You hate me much but I don’t care, you can fuck yourself and leave nowhere. I’m staying here I’m staying mine; you’re too sick to see it’s time.

It’s not the place it’s not the curse, it’s everything that’s always worse. So I’ll live here in my state of being, trapped in love and constant dreaming.

The colors swirl the pace is bleak, but I love it all and so I speak. I see deep blues and oranges red; it’s a cascade of cacophony and wonder dread.

This nowhere life is better yet, I see a black come into it.

The black is right the black is right and I wish to see it fill with might, for might is right and I’m not wrong, this nowhere life is something won. Oh holy shit and fucking bliss, I love it all and taste its kiss.

so sweet on my lips so joyous and ripe, It’s like biting into the apples of all time. So pause and wonder but stay here now, this nowhere place of joyous sound.

There is a wizard in nowhere; he’s black and grim but smiles for me. He casts his spells and makes me see, and now I know what I want to be. He bleeds in time and waves his hands, this nowhere man with magic trance. I see him casting I see him look, his metronome is something broke. But that’s how it works in nowhere land, and a fire erupts out into minds. Do you see it please see it with me now it swirls and sparkles and makes no sound. I can almost here it though and it’s telling me that nowhere is where I want to be.

So help me stay or go away but I don’t give a fuck anymore this day. The wizard smiles the wizard smiles and all I want is that wizard’s smile. His power is bright and holy and all I want is something more. But more doesn’t exist and that’s okay, for there are colors swirling around and around and around.

I see a dragon fly above, stuck with me in constant love. He’s like a dove but so much more, and that’s the power of nowhere’s door. It makes and makes but does nothing with, and I smile and shake in mirthful bliss. Don’t you see how fun it is, to know so much but take no risk? That’s the power of nowhere’s door, and I’m stuck inside forever more.

It’s a love love relationship and I’ll never leave. So please step aside while I continue to bleed. In nowhere now in nowhere yes. I’m happy so happy and that’s what’s best.

Thank you bye, thank you mine, I’m off to someplace.


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